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the first step to re-imagining life
as you   know it 💭

Dream Rehab LIVE is an introspective, but mostly hilarious live show, hosted by Reuben Christian and designed to set you on the path to doing or getting the thing you really, really want.


Using comedy and storytelling, the show will help you get clear on your dream and help unpack your obstacles to it, in the supportive, encouraging presence of others. Starting a business, following a personal passion, becoming a solo artist… No dream is too big, small or impossible to unearth together.


As the first stage of the Dream Rehab experience, Dream Rehab LIVE is designed to be self-contained. But if you do leave feeling eager for more dream-building energy, you’ll be primed and ready to deep-dive into the Dream Rehab Curriculum 📚


co-creating our best lives, live 🤜🏽🤛🏻

Each of us is a walking, talking mash-up of unique talents, experiences, perspectives, and connections that’s easy to take for granted – unless you’ve already come to Dream Rehab LIVE. Because if you have, you’ll know it’s all about harnessing the transformative power of community: to co-create our best lives, live and in the moment.


Through Dream Rehab LIVE’s immersive, entertaining show format – plus a healthy dose of oversharing from Reuben – dreamers are given a safe, vulnerable space to share their deepest, most personal dreams. 


Then, helped along by fun, introspective games and group activities, they get the chance to mine the collective wisdom of their fellow dreamers: leading to breakthroughs, ideas and solutions that they would never have got to on their own.


Like the saying sort of goes, multiple brains are better than one. Especially when you’re looking to bring a dream to life 💫

what else can i expect from the live show?

As no group of dreamers is the same, no Dream Rehab LIVE is the same as the next. But there are some constants that you can expect every time:


🤣 laughter, entertainment and lightness

❤️ collective vulnerability and understanding

🎭 deep but fun games, activities and questions

👁 the feeling of being seen and heard, maybe for the first time

🎙 relatable personal anecdotes and lived experiences

💡 tailored, crowdsourced ideas to take away

dream rehab live is for you if...

 💭 You’ve got a dream but you don’t know where to start 

🔬  You want to get clarity on what your dream is

🤔  You feel like something needs to change, but you’re not sure what

It also sets you up perfectly to dive into the Dream Rehab Curriculum, if you leave the show ready and eager for more of the same dream-building energy.

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