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for dreams you'rE ready to get serious abouT  🏁

The Dream Rehab Curriculum is a series of  workshops designed to help you take practical, progressive steps towards realising your dream. Maybe it’s a personal goal you’ve had your heart set on forever. Perhaps it’s a passion you only recently unearthed at Dream Rehab LIVE. It doesn’t matter how or why you’ve landed on it. Only that you’re ready to level up and move it forward, in the supportive, encouraging company of your fellow dreamers.


Each workshop blends proven self-development techniques, uplifting group tasks and thoughtful individual exercises, while generously drawing from Reuben’s well of lived experience along the way. Book the Dream Rehab Curriculum by itself, or as part of an end-to-end experience starting with Dream Rehab LIVE. 🎤

not your average curriculum  📚

Unlike traditional learning programmes, the Dream Rehab Curriculum focuses on tackling the external obstacles that get in the way of us following our ambitions. As well as the internal voices that stop us getting out of our own way. 


Topics frequently covered include: overcoming fear, identifying creative styles, finding/working with collaborators, and leveraging community to support your dream.


In an intimate, encouraging workshop format, dreamers are able to discover and experience the transformative power of community at its purest. As a Curriculum cohort, they are shown how to harness each other’s natural problem-solving abilities and use the group’s unique blend of talent, experience and perspectives to get closer to their goals. While individually, they learn how to build up a toolbox of transferable skills to keep them, and their dream, going strong in the real world. 🌏

what else can i expect from the curriculum?

Every Curriculum cohort is wonderfully mixed, thanks to the unique blend of dreams and dreamers that make it up. But no matter who they are, they’re guaranteed to come away with: 


  • increased self awareness and understanding

  • heightened resilience and self-belief

  • the ability to build/find community and tap into its supportive potential

  • improved teamwork, critical thinking and active listening skills

  • a greater compassion for one’s self and others

  • a toolkit of transferable skills to access again and again

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