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what is dream rehab?


Dream Rehab is a self-development space, community and experience that blends laughs and life advice – created and run by edutainer Reuben Christian. (More on him later.) 


His inspiration for Dream Rehab came after watching career counsellor Barbara Sher’s TEDx Talk. In it, she identifies collaboration, not attitude, as the key to us getting what we want.  


Reuben realised that what society tells us is a myth: success has nothing to do with how hard we work, how strong our willpower is, or how persistent, talented or lucky we are. We actually need accountability and ongoing support from others for our dreams to truly flourish. So he set out to create a space which gave his fellow dreamers – and himself – exactly those things.


Rooted by Reuben’s core belief in collaboration and community, Dream Rehab is designed to help dreamers of all ages, disciplines and walks of life bridge the gap between what they want and actually getting it. 🎁

who's reuben christian?

As well as being the founder of Dream Rehab, Reuben is an edutainer. That’s part educator, part entertainer – think Oprah Winfrey meets Jonathan Ross. He’s also an event host, speaker, facilitator, and creative catalyst coach, whose work is all about inspiring new possibilities 💭 

Usefully, Reuben was once a stand-up comedian too. So he’s great with groups and uses seasoned humour to loosen people up and tease out their real selves. Plus, after decades of failing/succeeding at his own creative projects, he intimately knows the pain and the joy of bringing a dream to life.


As Dream Rehab facilitator, Reuben uses his radically human approach to create a warm, transformative environment in which dreamers of all ages feel safe and supported. 


His past Dream Rehab cohorts have included young people, working professionals, wannabe creatives and practising artists.

He also regularly runs Dream Rehab workshops on behalf of businesses, employability programmes and creative institutions who have a shared interest in dream-building. 


Partner highlights include: A New Direction, ERIC, Barbican, Samsung, Aviva, Old Vic, We Work, and Wilderness Festival.

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