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dream rehab

co-creating our best lives 🤜🏽🤛🏻

About the event

have a dream but don't
know how to follow it?

Want more from life, but unclear what ‘more’ looks like?

Tried to do a thing, but given up halfway through?

Join the club 👋🏼 

Dream Rehab might be just what you

(and your dreams) have been looking for.


But in a really, really good way. 


You’ll unearth what you truly want to do, and develop the tools to make it happen. All in a deeply feel-good, collaborative and transformative space, facilitated by edutainer Reuben Christian. And surrounded by other curious, hopeful dreamers just like you.


Reuben doesn’t put any age or industry limits on who gets to dream, either. His past attendees have included young people, working professionals, wannabe creatives and practising artists. He also regularly runs Dream Rehab workshops on behalf of businesses, employability programmes and creative institutions who have a shared interest in dream-building. 


Dream Rehab is for absolutely anyone who wants to follow or champion a dream – big, small or seemingly impossible. If that’s you, welcome to the tribe.




the dream rehab  experience,  broken down

Each part of Dream Rehab is intentionally self-contained, to meet dreamers wherever they’re at on their journey  👣 

Live Show 🎤

to identify your dream, using storytelling and comedy to tap into your core self

Curriculum ​📚

to help you move towards

your dream, with a set of practical tools, strategies

and personal development techniques

Showcase ​🎉

to celebrate you making your dream happen, and inspire future dreamers-in-waiting

past dreamers  have 
used dream rehab to

and they've left
dream rehab with

For maximum dream rehabilitation, Reuben can also run Dream Rehab for teams and groups as an end-to-end experience - personal growth guaranteed.

💡 Gain clarity on their creative direction

🛣 Change career paths

🎨 Pursue a passion they've been putting off

💰 Start a business 

🧵 Turn their hobby into a job

🏅Get better at something 

🏃🏽‍♂️Improve their health and fitness

🌏 Work out their purpose

🤝  The realisation that they're not alone in their          struggle


🏡  Tips to harness the dream-building power of          community 


🔗  New contacts and connections to help them          keep their dream going


🛠  Tools and strategies to boost their resilience          and overcome common obstacles 


💫  Renewed hope and optimism that they can           make their dream happen




dream rehab in flow 🌊

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