struggling with  a dream?

Like you know what you wanna do but you just haven't done it? ​​

Or you've tried, but given up halfway through?

Join the club.

See, here's the thing...

isolation is a  dream killer!


What's Dream Rehab?

Dream Rehab champions collaboration as the key to getting what we want. It was inspired by career counsellor Barbara Sher's TEDx talk. 


Using workshops to manifest ideas, Dream Rehab debunks the myth that talent, hard work, self-belief, positive thinking, willpower, persistence or even luck is enough to ensure success. It isn’t.


We compare ourselves to the success stories of the Jobs', Jordan's, Beyonce's and Branson's of the world to motivate ourselves, although oftentimes, this leaves us feeling inadequate and miles behind.


What we need is support and accountability from others. 


Everyone we meet has a different perspective on the world. They have unique talents, experience and contacts that we may not. Dream Rehab brings us together in a safe place allowing us to be vulnerable with our struggles, then harnesses the brainpower of the room to shrink down our obstacles and create clear, visible paths to our goals with practical support systems in place to keep us going until we get there.


So, whether it's breaking into a new career, pursuing a passion or changing your body; Dream Rehab is that next step.


why people attend

what they   gain

Past attendees have wanted to...


  • Change their career paths

  • Pursue a passion they've been putting off

  • Get more work through their craft

  • Get back into the dating game 

  • Get out of a relationship 

  • Start a business 

  • Turn their hobby into a job

  • Get better at public speaking 

  • Improve their health and fitness

  • Find extra income streams 

  • Work out their purpose

  • Find a new job

  • Quit a bad habit

Attendees leave with...


  • A consoling understanding that they're not alone with their struggles


  • Knowledge on how to create and run their own Success Team 


  • New contacts and connections 


  • Tools and strategies to reduce stress and help them take regular simple steps towards achieving their goals 


  • A renewed hope in attaining their dreams


The Host

Reuben Christian has been championing the dreamers since 2006. He's a comedian, speaker, and facilitator with over a decade’s experience creating and hosting edutainment shows that encourage people to explore their authentic potential. He’s worked with the BBC, Channel 4, Virgin Media and TEDx to name a few.


Read his full story here.



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